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Mobile websites really work


Hi John

Just wanted to let you know that we are thrilled with the 2 mobile websites you built for us!

Quite honestly :

  • we did not realize how important it is to have a mobile site,
  • we did not know that so many people use mobile sites while in transit.

Smart-phones have taken the world by storm but till we took you up on your mobile site offer, this storm was blowing right past us as our big heavy company websites are damn near useless on small screen smart-phones.

Believe it or not John, within the first week of having you mobile sites up and running, we increased sales by a massive 8% simply by being visible to people traveling through and in need of accommodation. They booked whilst in transit and your little Google powered maps led then right to our door. Great! I also Love the way it is set up so that the mobile site is automatically triggered when the search question comes from a smart-phone.

You will laugh when I tell you that being 5 STAR Rated , our ‘Riverview Rise Retreats’ are by far the most expensive lodgings in our entire region, yet we are getting bookings from people on the go in preference to accommodation houses, hotels and motels that are one fifth of our price! Why? Because we are NOW highly Visible. Till the rest of the local businesses cotton on to your mobile site, we will keep the money rolling in – I’ll be keeping my mobile web sites a secret!

Thanks for twisting my arm and killing my skepticism on the matter.

Your mobile sites are the best new marketing initiative we have undertaken in a long, long time.

Michael Chorney Owner of ‘Riverview Rise Retreats’ and ‘Romantic Getaways Australia’Michael Chorney

Owner of ‘Riverview Rise Retreats’ and ‘Romantic Getaways Australia’





You’re a GENIUS !!!!!!

Would you believe I’ve had three bookings in two days….directly tied to the new website..!!!???!!!


I shouldn’t be telling you all this…. you’ll want more money !@#$$%^&^&**()_+


Wangaratta North Family Motel