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Anatomy of a link

When adding links to your website most people will just click the link button, past in the address and click OK and the link is done.  However to get the best search engine results from a link don’t just leave it to the default.

Lets say I am creating a link back to my homepage.

A typical link

Visit my website

This is the underlying code. Put simply it tells the visitors web browser go to Now a search engine will also read it this way but knows nothing of the destination.

<a href="">Visit my website</a>

A better way to link

Visit my website and learn about Mobile Websites.

Now if we look at the underlying code we can see I have added a title tag to the link and also made the text link relevant.

<a title="Mobile Friendly Websites" href="../">Mobile Websites</a>

So now when a search engine finds reads my link it there a three key pieces of information for it to learn more about me.

  1. The Title = “Mobile Friendly Websites”
  2. The Text = “Mobile Websites”
  3. The Link = “mobilewebsitesaustralia”

If we do a search on any of those three terms at the time of writing this post,

  1. Mobile Friendly Websites, Google Number 4 (2900 searches a month)
  2. Mobile Websites, Google Number 8 (3600 searches a month)
  3. Mobile Websites Australia, Google Number 1, 2 and 3 (91 searches a month)

Of course you need to add a lot of links but by creating your links properly you will increase your Search Engine Rankings.

In the next week I will be releasing a guide on how to create your own high quality back-links using an easy to follow method. Keep your eyes open.

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