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With over 60 Mobile Sites on Page 1 of Google I know how to design and tweak your Mobile Site to not only serve your mobile visitors but also generate that much needed additional revenue stream.

How does the Mobile Website Search Engine Optimiser work?

  • First I analyse your business and research what phrases people are using to search for similar business in your area.
  • I find an available domain name to match the identified “key phrase”.
  • Then I build your Multiple Page Mobile Website optimised for the “key phrase”.
  • Finally your site is submitted to Google, Bing and other search engines for indexing.

Is page one guaranteed?

No! I have a lot of success in getting sites to page one and if you follow my advice there is a very good chance. In 2012 I have had over 60 sites at page one of Google.

However anyone who promises you a page one position is most likely using unethical ranking techniques which will get found and most likely your site will be de-listed from Google. I only use genuine search engine optimisation methods.