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Why you need us for you Mobile Website Development

Still not convinced you need a mobile website?

Have a look at the growth figures, where people are searching from and what they are searching for. We specialise in Mobile Website Development for the Australian Tourism and Hospitality Industry but these types of results appear across the board for all business types.

mobile website development51% of business travelers use mobile devices to get travel information, more than double the rate of two years ago!

The Traveler’s Road to Decisions 2011

mobile website development

Where people are using their smartphones from.

Look at the chart below, People are using their Smartphones from home and from work, but look at some of the other details.

86% Are using their Smartphones on the go, in other words when they are not sitting in front of a desk. When they are searching will your mobile site appear in the results?

59% Use them in a Restaurant. Hopefully they are telling their friends how good your place is on Facebook and Twitter.

57% Using them from the Airport. Maybe they are looking for accommodation in your area. If you have a mobile website it will appear higher in the search results.

mobile website development

And more and more people are using them.

There is a 93% increase over the last 2 years and a whopping 67% increase in just the last 12 months. This isn’t just a sales pith, you need to get on the mobile bandwagon now or you will be left playing catch up.

mobile website development

And what are mobile users looking for?

They are looking for you. Across all age groups people are searching for Travel, Restaurants, Bars, Directions, and even discount coupons. If you do not have a mobile website you ARE MISSING OUT. Work with us at Mobile Websites Australia for your mobile website development.

mobile website development