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Unintended consequences.

While checking search results on some mobile websites I have developed I noticed something interesting. Not only are the mobile sites doing well, i knew that before but it appears that having a mobile site is also pulling the regular website up in the rankings also.

How do I know this. Well when i choose key-phrases to use on the mobile site i pick ones that the main website does not appear on in the first 2 or 3 pages of Google. However when i go back and check a couple of weeks after adding the mobile site I am seeing more and more of the main websites being elevated in the rankings as well.

Do a Google search on “ivanhoe accommodation” you will see on page one around position 7 – 9 appears, which is the mobile site I created.

Then look higher on the page and there at number 3 is as part of the Google Places results. It wasn’t there before only appeared after the mobile website was added.

And it is not just Google places entries getting a boost it regular results as well.

Another great reason to go mobile.

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