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Affordable Australian SEO Services

Mobile Websites Australia also offers affordable SEO services. Our mobile sites are fully OnPage optimised and consistently see page 1 and 2 results on Google. As of 21st Febuary 2012 23 of the 31 mobile sites created this year are on page 1 or 2 of Google in their identified Key Phrases.

I am now offering these same OnPage principles and techniques to any Australian Small business requiring SEO Services.

OnPage SEO Services to Australian Small Business

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) starts with a solid foundation, which is OnPage SEO. OnPage SEO is the core and foundation to YOUR future rankings and success going forward.

Without solid OnPage SEO you will need 10 TIMES more backlinks to rank on Page 1 of Google. If you ignore OnPage SEO factors you are fighting a losing battle

So what are you actually getting from my OnPage SEO Service?

The OnPage SEO Service is a 4 phase approach

  1. Keyword Selection: First I will I will identify 2 key phrases designed to generate rankings and traffic to your website.
  2. Code Optimisation: The second step will optimise the background code for your website to ensure optimal search engine response.
  3. Content optimisation: Next I will edit page content to ensure optimal search engine response.
  4. Site Design: Finally I will review your website for additional factors including sitemaps, robot text files and essential pages required for that final search engine push.

You maintain full control

I do not make any wholesale changes without your permission. I hear so many stories of SEO companies taking over a website and changing it completely without any input from the site owner.

Once I review your website I will advise you of what needs to be done and why. I understand your website is your website and have total respect for your needs.

Affordable SEO Services for Small Business

So how much is this service? Only $200. That is right only $200. Now you may be thinking how can how can I provide a service for $200 which normally costs between $500 – $1500.

First of all I work from home and have minimal overheads. This helps keep prices down.

Secondly I am not interested doing one job for you, I want your business. If you try this service and you are happy with the results (I know you will be) you will continue to work with me.

False promises

So many so called SEO companies promise page one number position one results. The only way anyone could ensure this result would be if you paid high prices for adds that will cost you a lot of money without any guarantee of a sale.

You do not get such false claims with me.

Based on my experience and previous success I will make this guarantee.

If you follow my recommendations and do not get on page one or two of Google within one month I will give you at no extra charge a 3 month backlink package that i offer for $300. If after the 3 month backlink package you are not on Page one or two of Google I will refund your $200.

Ready to give my Australian SEO services a try?

Before I send you to a buy now button, email me with your name, website address and a short description what you would like to achieve. I will do a review of your website and email you back with details on what is possible.

If you are happy with the proposal let me know and I will generate a tax invoice with payment details.